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What You Need to Know About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before you decide to have Gastric Sleeve Surgery, you may want to know some general facts about the procedure. Here you’ll learn about the procedure, possible complications, recovery time, and cost. To find out if you’re a good candidate, read on. You can even watch a video of the procedure, so you can see for yourself how the procedure works. But remember to consult a medical professional for further information. After all, your weight loss will depend on it!


After gastric sleeve surgery, you will be required to eat smaller amounts of food and chew each bite thoroughly. You may also require supplements to replace lost nutrients. Your doctor will prescribe regular blood tests to monitor your iron, calcium, and vitamin D levels. You can also take common medications, such as diabetes and high blood pressure tablets. But you should be aware of the post-operative recovery period, since it may last from 2 to 4 weeks.

Several procedures for gastric sleeve surgery may cause complications. For example, if you continue to eat large quantities of junk food, you are more likely to develop a stricture/stenosis. However, this can be resolved by endoscopic dilation. Although the risks are high, many patients who experience heartburn post-surgically report improvement. In some cases, new heartburn may occur, but this is not uncommon and can be treated with over-the-counter acid medications.


If you are considering undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, you should be aware of the risks associated with this procedure. You may develop blood clots, suffer from vomiting or bowel blockage, or develop an infection in the kidneys or lungs. In rare cases, you may suffer from a heart attack or even death. But the benefits far outweigh these risks, and if you’re in good health and have never been obese before, you might want to consider having the surgery.

One of the most common gastric sleeve complications is GERD, which is a condition in which stomach acid flows back into the esophagus and causes irritation of the lining. In most patients, the symptoms of GERD will subside within a few months of surgery. If they persist, however, they might be signs of complications with gastric sleeve surgery.

Recovery time

The recovery time after gastric sleeve surgery depends on the type of procedure. Gastric bypass surgery, for example, requires general anesthesia to put the patient to sleep. The surgeon will then remove the stomach through one of the incisions made during the procedure. Afterwards, the patient will be on a liquid diet for the first two weeks, transitioning to a diet consisting of soft and pureed foods after that. The patient will be given specific instructions about nutrition and size of meals following the procedure.

Following gastric sleeve surgery, patients should take it easy for the first two weeks. They should try to eat soft foods, like non-starchy vegetables and fruits. After six to eight weeks, they can resume most normal activities. They may not be able to lift heavy objects for at least a few weeks. They should avoid strenuous activities for 6 weeks after surgery. However, they can start light exercise at this time.


The cost of gastric sleeve surgery varies greatly depending on the surgeon and location. Some surgeons charge higher prices for gastric sleeve surgery in hospitals than in ambulatory surgical centers. A hospital charges more for gastric sleeve surgery because of the costs associated with operating in the operating room. A surgeon who performs gastric sleeve surgery as an outpatient procedure charges less. Insurance coverage can also play a role in the cost of gastric sleeve surgery.

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery Dallas can range from $11,000 to $25,000 for the procedure. This figure is highly variable depending on the location of the surgery and the services provided. Some clinics are located in prime downtown areas and pay high rent and high overhead costs that are passed on to the patient. This means the VSG cost Dallas can be higher than in other areas. However, it is still possible to find a high-quality surgeon for an affordable price.