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Top 5 Backing Tracks

A backing track is a digital recording of an instrumental piece. It may be a rhythm section, or a complete piece of accompaniment. For example, a rock band might use a backing track to accompany a rock concert. The backing track is an essential part of a band’s sound, and can greatly enhance the sound of its performance.

Strum Machine

If you’re a guitarist or a singer, you can easily add backing tracks to your performances. The Strum Machine application features over 1000 songs. You can also customize the volume of instruments. There are also various settings for lyrics and accordes.


Karaoke-Version is an online music service where you can create your own backing tracks for karaoke performances. This¬†Backing tracks is a great option for those who don’t want to spend money on licensed versions. You can use karaoke backing tracks to improvise and get your voice heard, without having to pay for a professional producer. There are a variety of features available, including custom song selection, pitch and key changes, and MIDI notes.


Vocal-Star is a website that specializes in Professional Backing Tracks. The website features thousands of the best tracks, and a YouTube channel has the best free backing tracks, too. The songs in Vocal-Star song packs are usually definite ends and contain lyrics.


OnSong is an iOS app that lets you easily import and manage your backing tracks. You can manage the number and quality of backing tracks in the app, as well as fade in and fade out the tracks. OnSong allows you to easily switch between tracks by tapping the Play/Pause button or the Audio Live Bar button. You can also configure the audio playback to cross fade between tracks, allowing you to seamlessly switch between two tracks at once.


GuitarMaps backing tracks are available on the web and can be used for practicing any instrument. They are free to download and are compatible with most devices. These tracks offer guidance on chord progressions, EQ options, and more. You can also customize tempo and key to fit your playing style.

OnSong backing tracks

OnSong is a powerful mobile app that allows you to import and manage backing tracks directly in the app. It supports chord charts, lyrics, and MIDI events, making it easy to play music anywhere on your iOS device. It also lets you perform a cappella without the use of headphones.