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The Benefits of Playground Markers

Playground markers are becoming increasingly popular in schools and offer a number of benefits including improving physical activity levels, encouraging creativity, providing educational value and even helping to develop social skills. They can also be used to create an interactive learning environment during lesson time and can help to transform dull playground surfaces into colourful and stimulating play areas.

We have a huge range of thermoplastic playground games ks2 that are available to suit any budget. Our designs are all high-quality and can be installed onto a variety of safety surfaces, from tarmac to wet pour.

Thermoplastic playground markings are made from a material that is heated to a very high temperature before being placed on the surface of the playground and pressed into all the nooks and crannies. This process means that the markings are very durable and will not need replacing as they would do with painted markings. In fact, they can last up to 10 years and will only need refreshing every 6 months.

They are a very cost effective way to transform a playground and will provide an excellent return on investment, especially as they will not need to be repainted like painted playground markings do. Thermoplastic playground markings can be installed on a wide range of surfaces including tarmac, wetpour and macadam. They cannot be installed on mossy or muddy areas as this could damage the plastic. We also recommend that any areas prone to flooding are covered with grass or other cover, as the installation of playground markings over this would result in them being damaged.

There are a huge number of playground markings that can be used to encourage social interaction and cooperation between children. This is particularly true of group games, which can often involve large numbers of children and are a great way to develop team work and negotiation skills. Markings that are designed in a creative manner that appeal to the imagination are also very beneficial, and can help to develop gross and fine motor skills such as hand eye coordination, balance and spacial awareness. For example, target games and simple coloured line patterns can be used in imaginative ways such as modified versions of tag to develop important interpersonal skills.

Our range of playground markings is vast and includes educational markings that can be utilised during school lessons. These can include everything from alphabet markings and phonetic spots to multiplication grids and even world maps.

When combined with a variety of fun games, these markings can help to improve literacy and numeracy skills. In addition, the use of these markings can be a great way to teach children about geography and the world around them, as well as science and maths.

When it comes to improving physical health, it is essential that children get a good amount of exercise each day. However, this can be a challenge when classroom-based learning is taking up so much of their time. Playground markings are a perfect solution as they can provide an opportunity for children to be physically active during their break times. Our range of playground markings can provide a range of different activities to encourage this, from footwork chess and hopscotch in foreign languages to more complex number grids and snakes and ladders.