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Strengthen Your Retus Abdominal With the Toe Touch Crunch

toe touch crunch

If you want to strengthen your rectus abdominus, try doing the Toe Touch Crunch. This exercise will stretch your hip flexors and strengthen your core. In this video, you’ll see how to perform the Toe Touch Crunch. It also includes a step-by-step video and written description that describes the benefits and training cues. Toe Touch Crunch exercise can improve your flexibility, strength, range of motion, and core stability.

Reaching for your toes

The toe toe touch crunch is a variation of the regular crunch. The toe touch requires you to bend your hips and stretch. This exercise will target the obliques and love handles. You will need a chair or floor to sit on. To do this exercise, place your arms above your head and lift your chest toward your shins. Then, slowly bend your knees and reach your toes. Repeat several times.

Strengthening the rectus abdominus

The rectus abdominus muscles are important for maintaining proper posture and spine alignment. They also act as an anchor for the back muscles, making them work harder if the abdominals are weak. Building abdominal strength increases the endurance of the back muscles and lowers the risk of injury. This exercise can also help people with lower back pain. However, the exercises are not appropriate for everyone.

Hamstring stretch

When performing the toe touch crunch, you may be putting undue strain on your back and hamstrings. Doing a hamstring stretch after this exercise is a much safer alternative. The stand-up toe touch puts too much pressure on the back of the leg and can cause a hamstring stretch to be painful. This stretch will relieve some of this stress. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Isometric hold for your hip flexors

During a toe touch crunch, your glutes and hip flexors both work together to control the front part of the leg. As such, they must be in perfect sync with one another. If one set fails, the other picks up the slack. To increase the effectiveness of this exercise, try performing it in a modified version.


For core training, a Toe Touch Crunch is an effective exercise without any equipment. The toe touch crunch is a variation of the crunch exercise that is an isometric hold, which is when a muscle is kept under tension without moving. Unlike the traditional crunch, the toe touch crunch requires the user to lift their elbows and head off the floor. For this reason, the correct form is essential to complete the exercise.


The toe touch crunch is an exercise that uses the abdominal wall to strengthen and tone the core. It also helps reduce back pain and increase athletic performance. In addition to helping tone your core, it helps improve posture, flexibility, and balance. The toe touch crunch is also beneficial for people with back pain, as the exercise helps activate the muscles in the lower back, allowing you to perform more difficult crunches.