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Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Protecting the Elderly

When an elderly person needs nursing home care, their loved ones want to ensure they will receive the best possible treatment. Unfortunately, many nursing homes don’t follow the high standards set by their state laws and may cause physical or emotional harm to elders under their care. A NYC Nursing home abuse attorney protecting the elderly can help families pursue a claim against the facility or individual who may be to blame for any injuries.

There are several ways that nursing home abuse can occur, including physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. In physical abuse, an elderly person can suffer from assaults and suffocation as well as broken bones and head trauma. Elderly people may also be subject to sexual abuse and neglect from staff members. Emotional abuse can take many forms, including shaming, coercion, and denial of rights.

The most common form of abuse in a nursing home is neglect. This can include not giving a person the food and water they need or keeping them clean. It can also include not giving them access to heat or air conditioning, failing to pay utility bills, and allowing a home to fall into disrepair. A person who is being neglected may also show signs of malnutrition, weight loss, bedsores, and depression. Family members can look for these and other warning signs of neglect by visiting a loved one often, checking in on them at different times of the day or night, and looking at their medical records.

Often, elder abuse is caused by financial exploitation. Caregivers or facilities can steal an elderly person’s money, or even deny them the funds they need to live comfortably. This can be a devastating experience, as it can prevent a person from being able to purchase food, medicine, clothing, or other necessities.

In some cases, a nursing home may be liable for a person’s death due to a medical mistake. A doctor or nurse can make a mistake that leads to serious injury or wrongful death, such as administering the wrong medication or operating on a patient who has underlying health issues. This is why it is so important for family members to keep up with regular visits and conversations with their loved ones in a nursing home, watch out for any changes in behavior or physical appearance, and contact a New York nursing home attorney right away if they suspect any issues.

A successful nursing home abuse case will award the abused party compensation for their damages. These can include expenses such as medical bills, therapy costs, lost property, and relocation costs. In some cases, a lawsuit can also award punitive damages to punish the alleged perpetrator and discourage future incidents. A lawyer can help a family determine what types of damages they are eligible for and how much they might be entitled to claim. They can also file a complaint with the New York Department of Health and advocate on their behalf during an investigation.