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Group Homes Australia is a social enterprise based in Australia

Group Homes Australia is a social enterprise based in Australia that believes in the human right to thrive in a home environment. The organisation provides care to individuals with a range of conditions, from dementia to palliative and respite care. Its homes are located on ordinary suburbian streets and provide 24-hour support for residents. Residents can live at Group Homes for as long as they need, and they are often eligible for services such as respite care.

Study on supported living in Australia

The study focused on social inclusion in group homes. It found that residents without ID were less likely to form social relationships with other residents. They also reported that the physical environment of group homes was unattractive and did not foster relationships with neighbours. The study also found that the leadership of managing staff had an impact on social inclusion.

Study on Group Homes Australia

Group Homes Australia’s unique home model allows residents to Group Homes Australia live in homes that resemble a normal suburban home. The homes are staffed by caring multi-skilled staff who have achieved Certificate 3 in Aged Care and First Aid training, as well as food safety and dementia care training. The homes also blend into the individual street or suburb, ensuring a sense of dignity for residents.

Resident profiles in Salesforce app

The Salesforce app for Group Homes Australia allows carers to update resident profiles without disrupting resident care. The system integrates all information and allows for new insights to improve care and the quality of life for residents. It also tracks opportunities and manages them in Salesforce, which helps management stay on top of resident demand.

Staff empathetic, engaged and connected to residents

In a recent survey of elderly Australians, the staff at Group Homes Australia were rated as highly empathetic, engaged and connected to the residents. Compared to other aged care providers, Group Homes scored better on all of these indicators. The study also highlighted key features of a welcoming environment and a culture of empathy.

Costs of care

The cost of care in group homes is typically lower than that of an aged care facility. In 2015, the cost of care in a Sydney aged care home was quoted as $1,000 per day. However, it has been shown to be higher in recent years. From 2017 to 2018, the average daily rate was $6.52. This is significantly lower than the $1,000 per day quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald article.

Resident satisfaction

There is a strong correlation between the satisfaction of staff and the quality of care residents receive in care facilities. In a recent study, the relationship between staff satisfaction and patient mortality was also positive. The findings suggest that the satisfaction of staff may also be related to the ability to change. These findings can help improve quality outcomes in care facilities.