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Divorce Lawyers in Durban

Divorce is not a simple process. It involves the tearing apart of a marriage and the dissolution of the family, and the legal process needs to be fair and family-focused. Your personal life may have fallen apart due to the actions or inactions of your partner. You may be experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, and your anger and frustration can cloud your judgment. You can’t focus on a fair and reasonable divorce agreement if you’re in a state of anger.

Tracey-Leigh Wessels

Tracey-Leigh Wessels’s practice focuses on family law and divorce mediation. She is a qualified attorney and has been practicing law for over twenty years. She holds two Masters Degrees, one in Family Law and one in Social Work.

She practices at La Lucia in Durban. The Law Practice is dedicated to providing focused litigation and mediation service to their clients at cost-effective rates. They also maintain high ethical standards. You can find Tracey-Leigh Wessels’s contact details easily on the internet.

Tracey-Leigh has a background in family law, and began her career as a family law lawyer in the 1990s, when mediation was still not widely used as an alternative to litigation. However, divorce lawyers in durban she continued to study and upskill herself in the field of mediation and in 2010 transitioned her Practice into a mediation-oriented one. She also completed the Civil and Commercial Mediator Training Programme with the ADR Group. This enables her to extend her practice to a wide range of civil mediation matters.