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Car Hire Deals in Thassos

During the Olympic period, Thassos, which is located in south eastern Greece, enjoyed peak business. This region is well placed for visitors from Bulgaria to the north and Turkey to the east. If you plan to visit these countries, it is important to check your passport and visa status, as they change frequently. There is a good selection of car hire deals in Thassos. For more information, visit our Car Hire Thassos page for more information.

Budget car hire in Thassos – Downtown, Greece

Drivers aged under 25 can rent Budget cars in Thassos – Downtown. These drivers will need to pay a young driver’s fee. Additional drivers must meet the same age requirements. Budget does not accept debit cards as a form of payment for car hire. It is important to check that the name on the credit card matches the name on the rental agreement. If you are renting a car for a long period of time, you’ll need to pay the full amount.

When renting a car in Thassos – Downtown, Greece, make sure you have insurance. You may need this coverage if you’re an uninsured driver. You can purchase extra insurance before picking up the car. The company also offers free extra drivers insurance. If you don’t have insurance, you will be refused. It’s a good idea to look¬†car hire thassos around for the best price on extra insurance before hiring a car.

Additional driver option

When hiring a car in Thassos, you can opt for an additional driver. While the vehicle will be insured for the registered driver, you can also include another driver. The additional driver will need to present a valid ID passport or driver’s license to drive the vehicle. Depending on your requirements, you may be asked to pay a fee for the extra driver. Please note that this option may not be available for all rentals.

If you need to hire a vehicle for more than one person, it is possible to get an additional driver option at the car hire desk in Thassos – Golden Beach. However, you should be aware of the local laws as these drivers are more likely to cause an accident. In Thassos, it is advisable to get a driving licence before hiring a car and to ensure you have a valid period of validity.

Ancient sights to explore

You may be interested in seeing some of the ancient sights on Thassos. These ancient sites were constructed in the 5th century BC and were dedicated to the god of play and drama. You can rent a car in Thassos and set out on your tour. While you’re exploring the sites, keep in mind that you may need to wear appropriate footwear and bring a camera. You should also wear sunscreen to protect your skin.

You can also stop by the Dragon Cave, which is filled with stalactites. The name comes from the stalactite that looks like a dragon. The Limenaria area of Thassos has a museum that showcases traditional costumes and ceramics. Another place you can stop by is the Giola, a rocky pool in the area. Parking at the marina is free, and you can explore the area by car.

Secluded beaches to visit

If you’re renting a car, you’ll be able to see a lot more than the traditional whitewashed beaches. The island is home to many beautiful beaches, and you’ll find them all tucked away in the mountains or on secluded beaches. If you want to explore the island’s many beaches without crowds, you should hire a car in Thassos.

The southwest region of Thassos offers several unspoilt beaches. Trypiti, for example, is home to the idyllic Agia Anna beach. It is easily accessible and features fine sand and crystal clear water. This beach is perfect for snorkeling and diving, and is backed by pine trees. The beach is so private and secluded, you can read a book while you enjoy the views.